• Asynchronous Display
    A display that is pre-loaded with images and video clips. It is loaded with a playlist and cycles through the content over and over.
  • Cd/m2
    Candela per square metre. A measure of brightness.
  • Digital Display
    Also known as digital signage, LED display, LED sign or LED screen.
  • DIP
    Dual In-line Package. Your LEDs can be DIP which means it is fixed to the display with two wire legs which go through the circuit board.
  • LED
    Light Emitting Diode. An efficient source of light. A digital display is made up of thousands of LEDs.
  • Nit
    A measure of brightness equal to one candela per square metre. Typical brightness for outdoor displays is 6000Nits and 1300Nits for indoor displays.
  • Pixel
    One dot or point of light. A pixel can be a single SMD LED or a group of three DIP LEDs.
  • SMD
    Surface Mount Device. Your LEDs can be surface mount which means it is bonded to the surface of the display's circuit board.
  • Synchronous Display
    A display that shows content as it is received from a source such as a DVD or streamed from the internet.
  • Transparent Display
    A LED display that is mostly see through. Just as when open a venetian blind is mostly see through.
  • Viewing Angle
    The angle at which you will see half the rated light when looking at the display. The angle is given in the horizontal axis and the vertical axis.